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6 Trends Impacting Consumer Demand for Faster Payments

Posted by Early Warning on May 12, 2016

Whether it be televisions, cars, computers or mobile phones, consumers have come to expect constant advancements in the technology they use every day. Consumers rely on technology to make their lives easier, and banking technology is no exception.

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[Infographic] Proactive Solution to Combat Tax Refund Fraud

Posted by Early Warning on Jul 13, 2015

A proactive solution that helps tax agencies reduce improper payments by validating a deposit account’s existence and confirming that the taxpayer has the authority to transact before tax refunds are paid out.

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[Infographic] Verify that the mobile number on file still belongs to the right consumer

Posted by Early Warning on Jun 23, 2015

The ability to verify the accuracy of consumer mobile phone numbers in real-time has become essential in order to reduce the risk of violating TCPA rules and regulations. The key to ensuring that organizations have the proper consent to call or text a mobile number is validating that the mobile number on file still belongs to the consenting consumer.

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