Bringing Automation To Asset Location And Verification

Posted by Ravi Loganathan on Mar 16, 2016

Each year, 85% of the approximately 8.7 million mortgages originated in the U.S. are sold into the secondary market and securitized. In the past, the mortgage industry has relied heavily on manual, paper-based processes to locate and validate liquid assets.

Now, for the first time, lenders can verify liquid asset information through an automated approach using collaborative data from Early Warning's unique bank consortium model. 

Read the entire article on to learn how Early Warning's Asset Search and VerificationSM Service for Home Loans can help automate the systemic validation of liquid assets in an effort to remain compliant, become more efficient, reduce costs and better serve the nation’s borrowers with a simpler, more convenient loan experience.

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Ravi Loganathan is the chief market development officer for Regulatory Solutions for Early Warning, a provider of automated asset verification solutions.

Topics: Regulatory, Asset Search and Verification, Mortgage

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